Alla Preobrazhenska-Ronikier

Winter lane (2011) Продан

31,5x23,6 in ~ Картина, Масло


Winter lane Oil on canvas impressionism/ exhibition work
2011 «City strolls» - personal exposition at Alexander Korobchinsky Art-centre, Odessa
2011 « in the arms of old yards» - personal exposition at the Scholem-Alejchem-Museum, Kyiv
2011 «The dreaming city» - personal exposition at Bila Tserkva museum of local lore
2012 «City strolls» - personal exposition at the Exhibition Hall of the Kyrovograd Museum of Regional Studie
2013 Personal exposition at «TwinsGallery», (gallery of modern arts), Kyiv
2014 Personal exposition at the gallery, Rome (Italy)


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