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Alla Preobrazhenska-Ronikier

Alla Preobrazhenska-Ronikier ©2021

Alla Ronieker is an artist who goes her own way in art.

In her veins, blood is pulsing violently. She draws strength from the roots of her ancient family. Relying on her family tree and studying its history, Alla proves her right to read her life in her own way with every work.

Freedom in working, energy that splashes onto the canvas, sincere openness to the world around, along with the ability to see something figurative in simple and usual things, makes her works convincing. During the dialogue with the canvas, ordinary concepts acquire new meanings and facets: the negative space becomes positive.

Alla Ronieker perceives the world optimistically and exaltedly, constantly making her own discoveries in it. Perhaps this is also the attraction of her works, which give energy, the forgotten feeling of sincerity, openness to impressions.

Breathing life into her paintings, the artist tries to awaken the human mind, which has ceased to ask questions and be open to something new.

While using her own expressive language, she takes the viewer to a new level by exploring the aspects of everyday life that often slip out of the human sight

A. Ronieker’s pictures are the reflection on the unpredictability of life. They reflect everything she sees and feels.

Alla allows her imagination to move forward, and each time something new and unusual happens.

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